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Kolkata – City with the majestic charm of a vintage car

Majestic Kolkata Many Indian cities may beat Kolkata in terms of new development and presence of new-age businesses. But no other city comes close to Kolkata’s majestic charm owing to its aristocratic past. The city reminds me of how my brother-in-law always has a sentimental soft-corner for his exotic yet old, 1985 Mercedes Benz 240D over any new-age, utilitarian yet boring Honda or Toyota. Just like the 240D, Kolkata had its glory days – but even today it has a lot more heritage than any other city! Within my few

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Why choose Serviced Apartments over Hotels?

Consider this scenario: You are a software engineer who has to relocate to the client’s site for a month. Naturally, you would look for accommodation in the city. You book a room in one of the best hotels in the city, something like this:     You check in, and the next day, report for work. After spending the day in office, you come back to the room, exhausted. This continues for the next few days. The single room seems suffocating and impersonal. Homesickness sets in. And this affects your

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