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Best Breakfast Places in Pune

Breakfast choices in most cities in India are limited to local cuisine. Here is where Pune and Mumbai stand out with a good number of restaurants and cafes offering a wide range in breakfast cuisines. So when you’re in Pune and have a hankering for English Breakfast, don’t worry- chances are you will have it just around the block. In this post, I have listed 10 of my favourite and widely popular places to go out for a nice breakfast in Pune. The Flour Works: The most appealing thing about

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Why choose Serviced Apartments over Hotels?

Consider this scenario: You are a software engineer who has to relocate to the client’s site for a month. Naturally, you would look for accommodation in the city. You book a room in one of the best hotels in the city, something like this:     You check in, and the next day, report for work. After spending the day in office, you come back to the room, exhausted. This continues for the next few days. The single room seems suffocating and impersonal. Homesickness sets in. And this affects your

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