Pet Friendly Accommodation while Travelling

Charles Bukowski once said, “When I am feeling low, all I have to do is watch my cats and my courage returns”. Why only Bukowski, this is the echo of the feelings of almost every person who owns a pet. Having a pet is like having a family member, to be precise, a young family member. They need to be taken care of and in turn the pets give the owner happiness, lots of smiles and emotional comfort.

Parting with one’s pets, even for a short period of time, can get depressing. To avoid such situations while travelling to other cities, a lot of people wish to take their pets along with them. Here’s where the problem arises, most hotels are not accommodative to pets. They either have a strict no-pet policy or they charge high rates for the pets.

Don’t worry yet, we have a solution for you to stay close to your pets even when you’re away from home- Serviced apartments. Nowadays, a lot of serviced apartments have a pet friendly policy. They are more accommodative to the little creatures that brighten up your lives, be it dogs, cats, parrots or even a hamster. You don’t have to mull over the thoughts, risks and pros of sneaking your pets into hotel rooms anymore. Here’s why you should think of leasing short term rentals such as serviced apartments over hotels when having your pets along.


The most important thing about having pets is having enough space for them. Be it one’s home or outside, it is good for the owner and the pet’s physical and mental health to be living in larger areas, to be free to move around in larger areas. With pet friendly hotels, it will just be a room. In the case of Serviced apartments, you can take an entire apartment for yourself, thereby allowing free movement for your pet. Not forgetting to mention, factors such as dealing with their smell and cleaning will become much easier. Besides, there are entire bungalows which are given away as serviced apartments that will include the entire package and will be ideal for your pets. Additional perks, they sometimes come with a garden.

Some serviced apartments are pet friendly

Owners of pets generally prefer to take their pets along when they go to other cities

Homely Atmosphere

The chances of there being good amount of spaces outside the residential building for the pet’s walks, the presence of balcony in the house for the pet to breathe in some fresh air and to let in some fresh air into the house and the chances of there being gardens or play areas outside the building for the pet’s physical activity are very high in serviced apartments. These apartments are mostly located in housing buildings or similar units where the idea of your neighbour having a pet is not very disturbing. This will make you avoid a couple of weird looks that you may get when you walk your pet into a hotel.


With a serviced apartment come the most utilitarian spaces in a house- kitchen and bathroom. In case there is more than one bathroom in the apartment, you can use it for your pet’s needs and cleaning your pet. All the processing of the food and similar things can be done in the kitchen, thereby leaving your living areas less dirty.

Cost Efficient

Most serviced apartments accommodate your pets for an extra charge. But the perk is that this extra charge is much smaller when compared to the charge in hotels. If you’re lucky enough, you can even find serviced apartments that are pet friendly and don’t charge extra on your pets. Only thing is that the cleaning chores might be on you! The rest of the apartment will be cleaned by the house-keeping, though.


If ever you have the necessity to leave your pet alone at home, there is not much to fear as the serviced apartments mostly have a guard or a care-taker. Most of these places are either located in residential buildings or they are entirely serviced apartment buildings themselves, hence providing a safe environment.

We recently had a guest whose love for his dog and the want to have the dog around had us on our toes to find the most perfect dwelling area for him. We could only smile and be glad to help him because we understand what it is to love your dog like your child or your sibling.

In case you have any queries, comment in the box below! We will be more than glad to help you and provide you with more details and leads. Also, here are a bunch of pet friendly serviced apartments in India:

If you have any further queries, please leave them in the comments section below, we will be more than happy to help you.


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