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You rushed out of your house in the morning and gobbled down a plateful of breakfast in 2 minutes, or worse, you didn’t even finish it. You went to work or elsewhere to pursue your daily activity and the food provided at lunch tasted ‘processed’, reminding you of your stomach’s last misadventure in a flight. Later that evening you get back home to become a couch potato, refusing any kind of movement, let alone cooking up a good meal for dinner.

At times like these-when your lunch is bad or you don’t want to cook dinner or you’re just lazy during the weekend- ordering in food comes across as the easiest option to end the hunger games. Fortunately, Pune has an abundance of restaurants that deliver food at your door step. But what is critical is to select where to order from and how to go about it. Let’s deal with the latter first:

How to go about ordering food for home delivery:

  1. Search Engines: The most famous of the local Search Engines, Just Dial, provides a list of all the restaurants in your area. Select the one which offers home delivery and serves the cuisine of your choice. You can either log onto Just Dial at www.justdial.com or call on +91-88888888 and ask them for a contact list of restaurants in your locality.

  2. Food Guide: The most comfortable and worthwhile option is the Zomato Food Guide. Logging onto www.zomato.com will provide you a list of restaurants in your locality, their menus, their facilities and their phone numbers. It is a one stop shop for selecting your choice of dish and restaurant. All you’re left to do is clicking on the option that calls the restaurant.

  3. Order Online: There are a few portals (www.tastykhana.in and www.justeat.in ) which allow you to order food from different restaurants, online.

  4. Order from delivery restaurants: The easiest option is to order food from restaurants who are famous as delivery-restaurants rather than dine-in restaurants. You can either order online or on the phone, from places such as Dominos, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Eatsome or Faasos.

    Home delivery of hot and fresh pizza

    Domino’s guarantees pizza delivery within 30 minutes

The density of restaurants in Pune varies quite a lot – and in general, the cuisine choices depend quite a lot on the demography of each area. In case you’re in areas around Koregaon Park or Kalyani Nagar – which are popular among expats and foreigners, then look nowhere. You’re right in the middle of any gourmet’s paradise. The area is nestled with restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines from Thai to Continental.  Many of them deliver at home too. However, cuisines like North Indian and Indian-Chinese are available everywhere.

You should be cautious of the quality of food and the timely delivery while ordering. The best thing to do is to check with neighbours or friends regarding the credibility of a local restaurant before ordering.

Midnight Delivery in Pune

You’ve gone through all this process and chose the right place to call food from, the food had arrived and you enjoyed the delicacy and chewed on the last portions of it. It has been 4 hours since and it is 12:30 a.m now, you’re hungry again. All the restaurants you’ve come across previously are now shut. Nothing to worry about yet, Pune has a few midnight home delivery options as well. You can logon to websites such as www.nitefoodie.com which will allow you to order for food online during midnights. If you live around Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar or Koregaon Park, then directly call for K.K’s Day and Night restaurant. K.K’s is decently fast with delivery time- not more than 45 minutes. The contact number is available on Zomato.

I hope my suggestions will be helpful to the glutton side of each of our personality. If you have any queries or feedback, please post in the comments box below!

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