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The Osho Ashram is considered as one of the top places to go to for spiritual bliss in India. The Osho Rajneesh Ashram is equally popular among both foreigners and Indians for its unique culture, and various meditation and stress release forms and courses.

Lasting from just a day to a few weeks, the courses are based on many different approaches, that vary from Western psychology to contemporary meditative therapies. The Ashram is credited for bringing numerous people out of traumatic experiences and healing them to ensure 100% recovery.

The Osho Ashram, located in Koregaon Park, Pune, is often mistaken for a luxurious resort with various comforts rather than a place of healing. Founded by Rajneesh Osho, the ashram is quite a hub for many foreigners who visit India seeking spirituality. The Osho Rajneesh Ashram is probably the only ashram in India which does not segregate according to gender, though it is very particular about disciples dressing in red colour robes.

The ashram charges an entry fees which ranges according to nationality and validity duration of the pass. The average price for entry ticket or sticker per day for an international visitor is around 1200 Rupees and an Indian visitor is around 600 Rupees. However, the per day cost is lower  if the ticket is taken for a longer period of time, say a month. After paying the fees, disciples can enter the ashram and attend its various courses and programs. These courses are offered throughout the year.

Osho Asram has courses in which on can attain relief from stress by various forms

A type of Meditation at the Osho Ashram

Here’s a list of all the courses available at the Osho Ashram:

Inner Skills – Playing with Change

A course that can build in you the skills and understanding to transform your life at work and at home. This course is offered on the 22nd of each month by one of the following instructors: Videh, Garimo, Vikalpo, OSHO Multiversity or Oma.

Pulsation Intensive: De-armouring the Heart

The course is held from January 22 to 26 by Prabodhi


The course, which is an evening mini course, is for a deep emotional clearing in 12 stages lasting 2 ½ hours, moving through many different expressions and layers of emotion toward meditation. The course is held by Veeresh, Chandrika, Geetee on January 23.

Fresh Beginnings: Tantra Intensive

The course is for opening oneself to a transformational experience of living and loving and bringing deeper love to one’s relationships by understanding their essence as a man and a woman. It will be taken by Puja from January 24 to 29.

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind

This course happens for one hour a day, for seven days, using hypnosis to reconnect with one’s mind and body at a very deep level. It is held on the 24th of every month from January to December by Ananta, Lahma and other OSHO Multiversity

Squeeze the Juice of Life

The course questions one if they are living in a way to be prepared for death.Connecting with our silence, our joy, our laughter, love of life and gratitude. It is taken by Maneesha and Sudheer from January 25 to 27.

Die Before You Die – A Centering through Life and Death

Experiments with Zen paradoxes and meditation techniques that allow one’s energy to withdraw from attachments and take one to the very center. It is held from January 27 to 30 by Kaifi

Painting: In Nature

Allowing one to be touched and inspired by nature while painting outside, this course is to discover the creative expression of one’s inner nature. It takes place from January 27 to 31 by Meera.

Family Constellation: Beyond Family 

By recreating the structure of one’s family, one can clearly see and understand unresolved dynamics, which have been affecting us to this day. This course, which deals with such subjects, is taken by Unmatta from January 28 to February 1.

Opening to Self-Love

This course is to understand that the self-doubts and judgments we have about ourselves are just a learned program which we can learn to step out of. Two batches of it happen, the one taken by Sheela, from January 29 to 31 and the one taken by Bela from February 11 to 13.

Fast-Track to Yourself

The course involves using the four entry points of body, senses, thoughts and feelings, to find that one exists beyond all of these. This course happens for a day in every month. The first is on Feb 1 by Anil, the second on March 1 by Vikalpo and the last on November 30 by OSHO Multiversity.

Inner Man, Inner Woman

The course talks of how each human being is made up of two complementary energies: the male and female principles that exist within everyone. The course is taken from February 1 to 3 by Satsanga.

Path of Love

This is an intensive, highly structured process in which participants are supported to passionately focus on their sincere desire or longing to realize their full human and spiritual potential. The course is held from February 2 to 9 by Sambhavo and Praful.

Inner and Outer Abundance – Exploring your Beliefs and Attitudes

This program explores how people think and feel about wealth, poverty and how much abundance they deserve to have in their life. It is taken by Premananda from February 3 to 5.


This program is basically an OSHO meditation therapy where the use of gibberish to empty the mind of all garbage, allowing a great silence to arise from within, is done. This No-Mind course is held by various people such as Veet Mano, Vikalpo, Purnimo and Usha. The first of them start from February 3 to 9 and the last course on December 3. It happens every month.

Awareness Intensive – Evening Mini Course

This is an event which is an opportunity for everyone to discover or to continue practicing self-enquiry. The course is held on February 5 and 16 by Shivani.

Awareness Intensive: Satori

This course is a powerful process dedicated to the search of one’s innermost being and is held from February 6 to 13 by Shivani.

Awareness Intensive: Who Is In?

The structure of this course is designed to focus one’s total energy into the search for themselves.It is a three day course held every month of the year, the first batch of it starts on February 6 and the last one starts on December 4.

Opening to Feeling: Breath 

In this course, through guided relaxation exercises, body movement, touch and dance, one will be invited into creating a space for deeper meditation. This course is held from February 6 to 7 by Devendra.

The Tantra of Living and Dying

This workshop is an opportunity to re-discover oneself through meditation, movement, stillness, love and laughter. This course is held by Sudheer and Maneesha from February 7 to 9.

Osho Ashram offers various techniques of meditation

People Meditating at a hall in the Osho Ashram

Inner Skills – Living with Totality

A course which speaks of how living with totality is one of the keys to happiness. This course is held on the 8th of every month by Garimo, Vikalpo, Oma and various others.


In this course you can explore any relationship that you would like; partners, bosses, children, friends, others and even being single. The course is held by Anekant from February 9 to 10 and March 9 to 10.

Emotional Freedom

This course is a process is devoted to the exploration of the barriers that keep our energy from flowing and moving as it wishes. This course on Emotional Freedom is held by Satsanga from February 10 to 12.

Intelligence: Creative Response

The course is to view intelligence from a creative perspective. The same can be attended from February 10 to 12 and it is held by Darshan.

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

In this course one can learn to use self-hypnosis. This course takes place from the 10th to 16th of every month.

OSHO Mystic Rose

This innovative meditative therapy takes place three hours a day for three weeks: the first week is laughter, the second crying, and the third silent witnessing. it is a course which starts on the 11th of every month and continues till the end of the month and is taken by various people such as Radhika, Ankur, Nisargan, Sindhu, Bijen, etc.

The Real Me: Tap Into Your Pure Essence and Create a Fulfilled Life

This is a group activity in which one will be working with the latest awareness tool;  which is, Human Design to discover one’s individuality. It is taken by Disha from February 12 to 14

Tantra Energy

A course in which there is an energy play and delight as life energy reveals itself and becomes your meditation. It is held from February 14 to 16 by Tarika and Sambhavo

Inner Skills – Stress, Relaxation, Communication

The “Inner Skills” courses offer understanding, experience and methods to transform the quality of one’s life. The focus is on stress and relaxation, and on the perils and joys of all our communications and interactions. The course is held on the 15th of every month by Garimo, Vikalpo, Oma and various others.

Family Constellation

The workshop will give one the opportunity to see how the systems dynamics in one’s family have been operating unconsciously. The same will be held from February 16 to 18 by Darshan

OSHO Born Again

An OSHO meditation therapy, lasting for seven days, two hours a day, out of which the first hour is for reliving your childhood, and the second hour is for sitting in silent meditation. This course is held from 17th of every month by Saleem, Unmatta, Suvarna, Purnimo, Nirava and various others.

This Moment

This course is an exploration of how time influences our lives. The same can be done by attending the course held by Anekant from February 18 to 19 and March 16 to 17

Doing Dying Differently

The course will look at what it means by ‘a conscious death,’ and what might be in the way of it. it is held by Sudheer and Maneesha from February 23 to 25

Primal Rebirth

This course is to find the way back to our true selves. In the first seven years of one’s life, the blueprint is formed for who one decides to become as adults. The course is held from February 23 to 28 and March 20 to 25 by Bela.

Creating Wealth

A course on creating wealth by Anekant from February 24 to 25 and March 23 to 24.

Family Constellation – Relationships

Hidden unresolved family dynamics greatly condition the relationships we enter as adults. The work done in this course will enable one to live and love more freely. It will be held by Darshan from February 25 to 27.

Hypnosis and Healing

Hypnosis is a powerful and effective tool to reconnect with inner knowing and resources that can bring about a deep healing. This course gives one an experience of healing through hypnosis. The course is held by Anekant from March 2 to 3.

Family Constellation – Career and Success

Family Constellation work that helps one regain the freedom to choose and live a conscious, joyful and successful professional life. The course is held from March 7 to 9 by Darshan.

Opening to Feeling: Breath

In this course one gently befriends the full range of one’s breathing again, and take its help to claim back the capacity to feel the fullness of our lives. It is held by Oma from March 14 to 16

Past Lives

A course to give up the old patterns and realise the essence of existence. This course is held from April 5 to 7 by Sindhu

Chakra Journey

A course that is an experiential alchemical journey into the world of chakras. This course is held by Sindhu from April 12 to 13.

OSHO Meditation: Indepth and Facilitating(this course is only for Indian Nationals)

Increasing one’s own understanding of OSHO’s meditations. It is held from July 18 to 20 by Sadhana

Primal Therapy: Healing the Inner Child

A course to find the inner child within everyone. It is held from August 8 to 13 by Nirava


For more information on these courses and Osho Ashram, you can directly visit :

(The above list is for this year only and may vary slightly for future)

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