Best Breakfast Places in Pune

Breakfast choices in most cities in India are limited to local cuisine. Here is where Pune and Mumbai stand out with a good number of restaurants and cafes offering a wide range in breakfast cuisines. So when you’re in Pune and have a hankering for English Breakfast, don’t worry- chances are you will have it just around the block.

In this post, I have listed 10 of my favourite and widely popular places to go out for a nice breakfast in Pune.

  1. The Flour Works: The most appealing thing about The Flour Works is its triangle shaped outdoor seating. Situated at the intersection of three peaceful and green roads in Kalyani Nagar, The Flour works makes you feel like you’re dining at an on road restaurant in Rome or Paris. To top it all off, the food is mouth watering.
    • Don’t miss: The Classic Hot chocolate, the variety of teas, the muffins, the eggs (we would like to say go ahead and have everything)
    • Opens: 7 am
    • Where: Nirvana, North Avenue, Between Joggers Park and ICICI bank, Kalyani Nagar


  2. Vohuman Café: If you’re ever around Jehangir Hospital during mornings, don’t forget to visit the Vohuman Café. Although it might not look like one of the best places with respect to its ambience, its the perfect hole-in-the-wall restaurant with bright smiles and food that will make you forget all. But remember to order the double cheese omelettes and go early to find some space.
    • Don’t miss: Double cheese omelette
    • Opens: 7 am
    • Where: 34, Near Jehangir Hospital, Sassoon Road


  3. Café Good Luck– Located on FC road, it is the oldest of Irani Cafes in Pune. It opened up in 1935 and is now run by the grandson of its founder Hussain Ali Yakshi. Like the cliché goes, we too would insist, try the bun maska and chai here when you’re in Pune. Heads-up: bun maska is a bun with a generous helping of butter (maska)
    • Don’t miss: bun maska and chai
    • Opens: 7 am
    • Where: Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana


  4. Café Columbia– This one is for the late risers. It has an excellent breakfast menu. Nestled in the quiet and green lanes of Kalyani Nagar, the food and the ambience of this place are to die for. Further, it is pet friendly and you can also play several games here. But none of the above is the best part about this place. The best part is that it is very light on your pockets.
    • Don’t miss: The omelettes (eat up the hash brown, please) and ice tea
    • Opens: 11:30 am
    • Where: North Court, Lane 12, Near Joggers Park, Kalyani Nagar


  5. Peter’s Pan– Located in Wanowrie and Fergusson College road, Peter’s Pan offers varied continental breakfast. Their pancakes are rich with cream, sauces and fruits, taste delicious, so much that you’ll see yourself run to burn calories by the end of the day. The omelettes and waffles are also good.
    •  Don’t miss: Caramel Banana Pancake
    • Opens: Wanowrie: 9 am; FC Road: 8 am
    • Where: 16, Green Valley, Wanowrie; Chanakyapuri, FC Road

      breakfast, strawberry and cream pancakes, waffles

      Pancakes, Omelettes, waffles at Peter’s pan, FC Road


  6. The Burger Barn Café– Deep inside Koregaon park lane No. 5 is located The Burger Barn Café. It serves excellent burgers, salads, hotdogs and coffees. It is a good bet for anytime of the day and specifically breakfast
    •  Don’t miss: The burgers and salads
    • Opens: 9 am
    • Where: Lane 5, Off South Main Road, Koregaon Park


  7.  Yogi Tree: Located in Koregaon Park, in the lane next to the O Hotel, not many people know about this place. Most of its customers are the ones who go to the Osho Ahsram. The best thing about this place is that it serves healthy food and the crowd is very diverse.
    •  Don’t miss: Cheese Mushroom Olive sandwich and pancakes
    • Opens at: 7: 30 am
    • Where: Lane A, Off North Main Road, Koregaon Park


  8. Vaishali Restaurant– Considered the best destination for south Indian food in Pune, Vaishali is undoubtedly the most crowded restaurant on F.C Road. But the taste, quick service and quality of the the food is worth the wait.
    •  Don’t miss:  the onion uttappam
    • Opens at: 7 am
    • Where: F.C Road


  9. Tien: This place is synonymous to the word ‘yummy’. With a good ambience and locality, this is one of the places in Pune where you have to go try the Sushi. So the next time you head to Model Colony, don’t forget to drop by at Tien.
    •  Don’t miss: sushi and mushroom cheese open sandwich
    • Opens at: 7:30 am
    • Where: Rajas Garden, Near J.W Marriott, Model Colony


  10.  The Eatery: This one is an affordable and student friendly place for some morning breakfast. Located in Viman Nagar, the place serves a range of items from Sandwiches to pav bhaji. They have good refreshers as well.
    •  Don’t miss: Sunny side up
    • Opens at: 8 am
    • Where: Lunkad Plaza, Viman Nagar

Try these places and let us know which one you like the best. You could also comment with your favourite places. So hurry up, go fill your stomach with the delicious food from all these places. After all, you should eat your breakfast like a King!

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