About Us

RoomLion.com is a serviced apartments reservation engine.

RoomLion.com lets you reserve exclusive serviced apartments (aka serviced residences) with extreme convenience. RoomLion.com offers the following advantages:
  • You can call owners or managers of these apartments to sort your queries before booking
  • We are exclusively focused on serviced residences. We do not crowd our listings with hotels, dorms, or motels
  • We offer 360º views (aka virtual tours) of serviced apartments and nearby localities
  • We provide detailed information about the residence and surroundings to minimize the post-check-in surprises
  • We have friendly policies and fairness in our transaction

Why serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments offer following advantages over equivalent hotels:
  • More spacious
  • Cost-effective
  • Greater privacy
  • More amenities and a full-fledged kitchenette
  • Home-like ambience

Team at RoomLion.com

Ashish Agrawal is the Founder and former CEO of RoomLion. Prior to founding RoomLion, Ashish worked with Google where he managed teams ranging from sales & operations to engineering & research – mostly at the California headquarters. Prior to Google, Ashish’s diverse experience includes advising online real estate firms in the US, managing a business in corrugated packaging, providing consulting services to universities in the US, and performing bioinformatics research at Los Alamos National Lab.

Ashish obtained his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, Masters in Computer Science from University of New Mexico and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune.

Divya Agrawal

Divya Agrawal is a Director at RoomLion. Her experience includes teaching Political Science at the graduate level, working with the Indian Army’s research division, volunteering with the American Red Cross, leading marketing and business development for start-ups in the education sector, and raising funds for charitable organizations.

Divya completed her Masters of Arts in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi where she was recognized by the Prime Minister of India for her excellent academic achievement. Prior to that she completed her Bachelors of Arts from Loretto College, Kolkata.