A Foreigner’s Guide to the FRO Office in India

Foreigner Registration in India

The most important aspect to plan a trip to any country is setting in order all the paperwork required  to facilitate the trip, but when it comes to India its more than that. The journey to finally getting your Registration Permit (RP) and I say “journey” deliberately, is, if you’re lucky, and good humored, a learning experience as to how things work here. India is a land of paradoxes. You will most definitely be annoyed at the inefficiency of the staff, be frustrated at the lack of courtesy shown towards

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Courses offered at Osho Ashram

Osho Asram has courses in which on can attain relief from stress by various forms

The Osho Ashram is considered as one of the top places to go to for spiritual bliss in India. The Osho Rajneesh Ashram is equally popular among both foreigners and Indians for its unique culture, and various meditation and stress release forms and courses. Lasting from just a day to a few weeks, the courses are based on many different approaches, that vary from Western psychology to contemporary meditative therapies. The Ashram is credited for bringing numerous people out of traumatic experiences and healing them to ensure 100% recovery. The

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Get Exact Address and Contact Information of any Serviced Apartment on RoomLion.com

Personally we hate the brokerage model that exists for regular rentals in India. It fosters purely on opacity of information where brokers end up being more of a hurdle than help, beyond the discovery of the rental. Ask anyone who has rented through a broker – and it would surface the problems brokers create in actually completing a transaction. Until now, RoomLion behaved very much like a real-estate-broker for serviced apartments. We, not unlike every other portal that does not have real-time inventory, did not share the exact address and

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Accommodation Near Balewadi Stadium

Accommodation near Balewadi Stadium

Are you attending the BRITT Worldwide India’s Go Diamond 2014 Seminar at Chahatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex in Balewadi Stadium? Great! We hear it is one of the biggest conferences in India and people from all over the country are flying in to attend the 2-day program. This conference happening on the 1st February 2014 – 2nd February 2014 looks like a great platform for the training program for the marketing of multi-national companies. If you’ve gotten yourself a seat in there and are still looking for accommodation near Balewadi Stadium,

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Pet Friendly Accommodation while Travelling

Some serviced apartments are pet friendly

Charles Bukowski once said, “When I am feeling low, all I have to do is watch my cats and my courage returns”. Why only Bukowski, this is the echo of the feelings of almost every person who owns a pet. Having a pet is like having a family member, to be precise, a young family member. They need to be taken care of and in turn the pets give the owner happiness, lots of smiles and emotional comfort. Parting with one’s pets, even for a short period of time, can

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An Insider’s Guide to Hyderabad

Picture shows a combination of old and new architecture

Mayhem and beauty together describe Hyderabad the best. Mayhem because of  the different types of people and beauty because of the look of the city and the grace with which it accepts all sorts of cultures and religions. An interesting demography ,where the number of Muslims and Hindus are almost equal, the city has an extremely unique culture, language and cuisine which is enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their identity. On one side if there is the biryani and Charminar, on the other side is the very famous Andhra cuisine

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Explore Delhi as a True Delhite

Yellow Line of Delhi Metro

Delhi being the National Capital of India has a culture like none other. It is a blend of all kinds of mores an Indian city can offer. From the extremely upmarket and ‘afternoon garden party’ loving culture in South Delhi to the spik and span roads and buildings in lieutenant Delhi and to the loudness and chaos in North Delhi, the city changes in its outlook every 5 miles. If this change is just not enough, the city harbours the best of architecture in the form of ancient monuments such

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Best Breakfast Places in Pune

breakfast, strawberry and cream pancakes, waffles

Breakfast choices in most cities in India are limited to local cuisine. Here is where Pune and Mumbai stand out with a good number of restaurants and cafes offering a wide range in breakfast cuisines. So when you’re in Pune and have a hankering for English Breakfast, don’t worry- chances are you will have it just around the block. In this post, I have listed 10 of my favourite and widely popular places to go out for a nice breakfast in Pune. The Flour Works: The most appealing thing about

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Home Delivery and Ordering Food in Pune

Home delivery of hot and fresh pizza

You rushed out of your house in the morning and gobbled down a plateful of breakfast in 2 minutes, or worse, you didn’t even finish it. You went to work or elsewhere to pursue your daily activity and the food provided at lunch tasted ‘processed’, reminding you of your stomach’s last misadventure in a flight. Later that evening you get back home to become a couch potato, refusing any kind of movement, let alone cooking up a good meal for dinner. At times like these-when your lunch is bad or

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Kolkata – City with the majestic charm of a vintage car

Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Majestic Kolkata Many Indian cities may beat Kolkata in terms of new development and presence of new-age businesses. But no other city comes close to Kolkata’s majestic charm owing to its aristocratic past. The city reminds me of how my brother-in-law always has a sentimental soft-corner for his exotic yet old, 1985 Mercedes Benz 240D over any new-age, utilitarian yet boring Honda or Toyota. Just like the 240D, Kolkata had its glory days – but even today it has a lot more heritage than any other city! Within my few

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